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Sending E-Mail
Too many E-Mails are send with not enough information to ever come up with a clear answer, so please read the following information before clicking the E-Mail/SEND button:
E-Mail Addresses

First try to have your questions answered by submitting them to our FileForums

Questions about how to get ISO files, CD/DVD-Images, Complete Games or Game Serials/Keys are deleted at once!

If you don't know what .ACE, .RAR or .7z files are or you found a corrupted archive then first read the NewBie Hints  

Game & CD Related Questions! [GCW Forums]

Submit Files & Information using the Online Form
No Game & CD/DVD Related Questions here!

General & Advertisement E-Mail
No Game & CD/DVD Related Questions here!

Sending Game Related Problems by E-Mail
When you want to send e-mail then FIRST do the following:
  • Check if the question is already answered in one of the online pages (use the Search Site feature to check the complete site for certain games or keywords). And check the NewBie Hints or GameCopy Hints pages.
  • If it is a Game specific problem checkout the WebSite of the Game itself, usually there is a FAQ or other info which will answers questions.
  • If it is a Patch specific problem try to contact the creator of the patch as he can supply you with far more info (in some cases the e-mail address of the creator is mentioned in the included textfile within the File Archive)
  • Try to ask your question in one of the Game Patch & CD-Copy related sites, this way many more people will see (and answer) your question:
  • If you think there is a VIRUS in one of the Patches then keep in mind that Patches are ALWAYS suspicious as they are mend to alter the contents of an executable/data file and some (stupid) virus software will detect this. In the past (2 years ago) only 1 virus was found only because it was too new!

If you still want to contribute important info then just include the following specific information in the e-mail:

  • All e-mail MUST be in ENGLISH.
  • Include the filename of the patch which causes problems.
  • Add specific information of the Game (Language, Country, FileSize.. etc)

Keep in mind that A LOT of e-mail arrives everyday and not all mail can be answered right away as there is simply not enough time to do this.

Sending Game Patches/Fixes by E-Mail
Game Patches/Fixes & CD-Copy Instructions are very welcome, when you send any then please add the following information (if available):
  • Always state for which VERSION & COUNTRY the patch/fix is (version 1.0 / US, EURO, etc...).
  • Try to add some instructions how the patch/fix must be installed or used.
  • Add who did the actual patch (Person or Groupname)

If you are submitting files which are taken from another archive then please add the information file about who did the actual patch. Usually this file is called the same as the groupname who did it (e.g. CLASS.TXT, DYNASTY.TXT, MYTH.TXT , RELOADED.NFO or whatever). Lets give credit where credit is due!

Sending CD-Copy instructions by E-Mail
When you want to send Game Patches/Fixes & CD-Copy Instructions please add the following information (if available):
  • Always state for which VERSION & COUNTRY the patch/fix is.
  • Tell, in clear steps, how the CD-Copy was performed. The clearer the info the faster it is online as it takes a lot of time to figure out what some people mean (especially when we don't have the CD over here!).
  • Try to includes the CD-Info (see below) as this will sometimes clear-up certain problems (especially the CD-Label & Hardware information is very important).
Sending Game CD-Info by E-Mail
When you want to send CD-Info on a Game please add the following information (if available):
  • Language/Country version (US, UK, FRENCH, GERMAN, SPAIN....)
  • CD Volume Label (Case sensitive!)
  • Data track size: xxx Mb [xxxxxxx sectors] - can be obtained with EasyCD Pro or any other package
  • Audio track sizes (if there are any)
  • Protection used (like LaserLock or a small description if it is unknown)
  • Which CD Reader was used (brand & type)
  • Which CD-Writer was used (brand & type)
  • Which software was used (Including the version)
  • Which CD-R media was used (brand & type)
  • Main Executable (Name & Size: TOMB3.EXE [1234567 bytes])
Sending E-Mail concerning broken files or links
It is possible that files are linked incorrectly or that files are corrupted.

If you want to let us know certain file problems please enclose the following information:

  • Include the complete URL of the file (or the filename and from which Mirror site you tried to access the file).


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